Student Comments

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“I learned of Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track through a colleague of mine. I had always wanted to get my CFP®, but the time requirement was a limiting factor for me and many others I’m sure. This program seemed like a perfect fit, but I was skeptical. I had tried to do an online program so I was aware of the immense amount of information that could be tested. I was skeptical of how Jeff could teach so much in such a short time frame in a way that could be retained. After reading many reviews of his course I decided it would be worth the financial and time commitment and signed up.

It was apparent right off the bat that Jeff had a process he had refined and perfected over the course of his teaching career. He was able to approach each subject in a manner that allowed me to visualize the concept, not only how it could be tested but how I could use it in my career. He was able to get our attention and efforts focused to the areas of importance in a linear fashion so that it all came together. He compartmentalized the material so that it had a good flow, wasn’t overwhelming, yet retainable.

At first the thought of spending my weekends plus 2 working days in class (preceded by working days and followed by working days of course) was daunting. However, I remember after the first session of classes telling my wife how refreshed I felt. Jeff challenged us but also showed us a path towards success. When I would leave class, I would feel so accomplished and knowing I was taking the right steps towards my goal of becoming a CFP®. I came to enjoy the class materials, my classmates, and Jeff as a teacher and colleague. Jeff was able to make learning all this material fun and engaging. I cannot imagine trying to learn it all through an online class or with a teacher that didn’t bring some life to the subject at hand.

I would highly recommend Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track for any individual looking to get their CFP®, not only for the time crunched individuals that frequent our industry. I have no complaints and would be happy to take another program offered by Jeff if the situation arose.

You will not be sad you took this course. It will be money well spent. You will get all the tools and information required to pass and excel as a CFP®.” 

Blair Braden, Managing Principal of Denver Wealth Management

"Jeff Rattiner’s CFP®, course was well worth it’s cost as it provided so much value and was one of the main reasons that I was prepared for the test.  Jeff is a very knowledgeable, helpful, and entertaining teacher.  He knows how to properly teach you, have fun, and focus on the most important material over his four day CFP ® review course. 

I took three separate CFP® review courses before I sat for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  exam and Jeff’s was by far the best.  He not only helps to cut the clutter out of the material, but he actually describes the review coursework in a new way which helps it to stick in your memory.  His charts and diagrams really do help you better understand everything from the minutiae all the way up to the 30,000 foot view to see how concepts relate to each other on a macro level.

Jeff will help show you what areas you should be studying and how to best apply your efforts to pass the CFP® Exam.  His experience is legendary, as he has worked for the CFP®  Board, owned an accounting practice for years, and has decades of experience being a CFP®  and a CPA.  He was even a part time astronaut in his youth!

All kidding aside, this course is well worth your time and effort.  You will be entertained!  You will learn (also a bit about Yankees baseball)!  But most of all, you will know what you need to study and the extra effort you will need to put in to take it up a notch and get in the right mindset to take the test. 

Remember, it’s not about how much you know, or how smart you are, it is about how well you can take this test.  That’s all that matters, how can you APPLY the concepts and use your knowledge to correctly prioritize learning objectives and core competencies to pass.  This will help you not only on the test but also with your own clients in your career.  What is most important?  How do I learn it?  Mr. Rattiner will prepare you better than any other teacher or program for this test!

Thanks again Jeff!"

Steven D. LYNDS, CFP®, CRPC®, ChFC®, CLU®

"Dear Jeff,

Words cannot begin to describe the way I felt yesterday when I received the notification that I passed the CFP® Board Exam on March 15th, 2019. I simply cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to prepare me and my colleagues for the exam. I’m beyond thrilled to have been able to do it once, do it right, and move on.

You are far and away the greatest instructor I have had in any capacity in my professional/educational history. Not only did I feel adequately prepared for the board exam in the condensed 9 month period, but I actually enjoyed being in class every 4-6 weeks more than I care to admit. It was fun, challenging, educational, hilarious, and everything I could ever hope to encounter in a classroom setting. Additionally, you attract some of the best people that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my professional career which was another added bonus to the Jeff Rattiner experience.

 Again, thank you so much for everything. If there’s ever anything I can do to return the favor, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ve purchased 2 of your books so far and am looking forward to the new book coming out this year. You are “the man” in every sense of the expression and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I will be recommending you with my highest regards to everyone who inquires about the best CFP® education program."

Zach Novak

​​"I cannot think of a better way to learn than from a person whose experience matches that of legend.  Jeff took the time to not only teach us how to pass the exam but how to take what we learned and apply it to real life.  My fellow peers seemed to benefit from his courses just as much as I did because after class I was excited to come back to the office and implement what I learned and help them.  Jeff made dry material relatable and fun in every way which made taking the test a breeze because the test was about applying what you knew and Jeff made sure you knew everything. I recommend him to every new and senior advisor out there because he will take you to a new level."

Derek Martin, MBA

“Jeff Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast-Track program has a 20-year history at our firm. My father-in-law took one of the first classes offered and successfully passed the exam. My brother-in-law attended Jeff’s class and insisted this was the best program available.  A few years later, my cousin-in-law and I followed in their footsteps. The results are clear, a 100% first time pass rate.The Fast-Track program is well worth the time and invaluable to anyone looking to pursue the CFP credential. Thank you Jeff!”

Kyle J. Geschwender
Intelligent Capitalworks

"Preparing for the CFP exam takes time but the Fast Track program helped me have more efficient and effective study habits. Having someone who knows the material inside and out and is up-to-date on curriculum changes so that he can answer your questions in preparation for the exam was invaluable, not to mention the thousands of practice questions and real-world examples provided. Jeff has helped my uncle, cousin, cousin-in-law, and myself all pass the exam on the first attempt. Thanks Jeff!"

Michael Rossi
Intelligent Capitalworks

"The feeling you receive after passing the CFP® exam is something that is hard to describe in words. A mix of emotions run over you after you see the ‘pass’ results, one word seems to summarize it though: Euphoria. I recall Jeff saying in multiple classes that ‘you really have to want it (passing the exam).’ That is something that stuck with me throughout the course and kept me pushing on days that I was physically/emotionally drained. I am an up-and-coming advisor in the industry and wanted to ensure I took the next step to further my career. I naturally saw the CFP® designation as being that next step. After going through the CFP® course work, I am not sure how anyone can honestly provide sound planning advice to a client without having the designation and having the knowledge that comes with it.

I was introduced to Jeff’s program through a colleague of mine who also successfully completed Jeff’s program to earn their CFP® marks. Jeff’s program is intense and at times mind numbing with the amount of information a student absorbs. Truthfully, I could not be happier choosing Jeff and going through the process. Jeff teaches the topics in a way that ties into real life financial planning. I picked up multiple lessons and tactics Jeff taught that I utilize in my current practice today. If you want to successfully pass the exam and learn how to becomes a better advisor go through Jeff.

I would highly recommend Jeff’s program to anyone who is serious about passing the exam on the first try.

Thank you again."

 Nicholas M. Fisher, CRPC®- Private Wealth Advisor

"Jeff Rattiner got me through the CFP®!!! If you follow his program the way that he has it designed, you will pass too!!!    Jeff has a unique process the way that he educates his students; it starts with his very engaging classes. 

During the long classes, you must focus and pay attention. This builds up mental stamina for the 6 hour exam. 

Take your own notes on top of his notes given to you. A magical thing happens in your mind for memory when you write your own notes. 

Take his test at the end of each classes seriously.  His questions are harder on purpose! The exam will have some questions that will shake you, Jeff’s questions prepare you for that moment!  

During his review, listen to every word! Jeff was a staff person for the CFP® board, he knows how they think when it comes to exam topics and questions! When he tells you to study something, know the detail about that topic, it is important! 

Follow his process in class/review you will pass too! 

After the review, I had green notebook of my class/review notes that I took with me everywhere. This little notebook was my little “bible” for a few weeks before the exam. I read it every chance I got (from set study times to each red light in traffic). With Jeff’s support I was able to pass and you will too!

Thank you Jeff!" 

Loc X. Nguyen

"Jeff Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track is the way to go when studying for the CFP®!  Seven structured lectures that cover the entire scope of each topic and module conducted in a few days each month.  Even when reviewing material that is often very dry to read (great to fall asleep to though), Jeff made it fun and found humor along the way.  I really enjoyed that we were able to interact in lessons to apply real situations our clients have been in.  We found application in each of the lessons.  Colleagues of mine saw the success I had in the program and have since signed up as well.  Highly recommend this class if you are considering working on the CFP® designation!"

Heather Coyle, ChSNC®

"Jeff Rattiner is a financial wizard and anyone that is wanting to pass the exam on the first try would be a fool to not take his Fast Track program. Without a doubt, there is no way I or my fellow coworkers would be CFP® designees  if we hadn’t taken his course. Jeff brings not only a wealth of knowledge, energy and insight to his curriculum but also instills the importance of ethics and hard work into his students. Taking his class not only ensures that you’ll be a CFP®, it guarantees that you’ll be a better financial planner and that you’ll always know the best thing to do for your clients.  

While the class and curriculum are challenging, Jeff makes your hard work not only fun, but rewarding and provides an exemplary understanding of what it takes to be a CFP®.  Whether you’ve been in the industry for 3 years or 30 years, you have a lot to learn in his class and his education will give you the edge to pass. Worth every penny, we recommend his program without reservation.

Wishing you luck when you take the plunge!"

Tiago X. Lima CFP®, RICP®

"Jeff's class was a great experience that was to the point. From day one he kept on saying you have to always raise things to the next level and that is what his class did. I knew after the 1st half of the CFP® exam I had it passed just based on how much simpler the questions were than what we had been learning. Jeff makes learning some very tedious information very easy and even throws in some good comedy to make it better. 100% would recommend if you don't have time to waste and just want to get the pass the 1st time."

Alexander J. Nolan, AIF®
Wealth Management Advisor
Financial Planner

Jeff’s course provides a very structured and disciplined approach towards receiving the CFP® certification.  What makes the class even more enjoyable is in-classroom discussions of real world applications of the material that can be used in your practice from day one.  More importantly Jeff’s teaching style is one that incorporates hours of classroom humor, sarcasm, and witty jokes to help you stay on your toes and learn while laughing your socks off!

Ehsan Safavi
Financial Consultant

“Jeff’s review was key in helping me connect different concepts that I hadn’t connected on my own via just reading the material. His visuals especially helped me navigate my own understanding as well as the exam itself. He saves you a ton of time on telling you what minutia you can ignore for the test and what actually matters. I would have been so lost without having taken the review. He also gives you a road map for success post class. The man has been doing this for 3 decades for a reason! If you’re serious about passing, take this class. Enough said.

Ilya Nudelman

"Hello Jeff!

I followed your study tips to the T and I am happy to report that I have PASSED! I am so excited that I have passed the exam and look forward to what lies ahead because of this great success!

Something that often came to mind that you said while I was studying: "You want to do this once and then never have to do it again." That certainly kept the drive going during the long 12-14 hour days of study on weekends and late nights during the week after a hard day at work.

This was my first attempt, after just graduating college this May. I have a long and exciting career in front of me, and this is one large step in the right direction. Financial planning is my passion and what I enjoy. 

I want to thank you for all your help and I want to express that I thought your program (especially the Live Review) was excellent! I started an FPA chapter at the University of Colorado, Boulder while in school and I am still connected to the club via the Alumni Chair. I will be speaking in December to the next class of undergrads and I will speak highly of your program.

Thanks again."

Mike Swanson
University of Colorado Boulder

"Jeff's fast track course is the way to go in preparing to sit for the CFP exam. Jeff has a no BS attitude that really motivates you and sets your priorities in the right direction. Plus he makes the course material interesting and funny. If you're debating taking a course to get through this challenging exam, look no further than Jeff's Fast Track!"

Zach Schiffer

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the financial planning world. His experiences from running a tax practice and financial planning practice brings a unique perspective and is instrumental in his teaching. He has a very thorough class schedule and does an exceptional job getting you to understand and visualize concepts. This was instrumental in my success in grasping concepts and being able to pass the test. I don’t believe I would have passed the test on the first attempt if it weren’t for Jeff. He is an awesome, no nonsense teacher that runs a challenging, engaging, fun and very educational class.

Blake Zimmerman  RICP®  | Financial Advisor

"Hey Jeff -

Game day was yesterday for me.  I got this thing across the goal line and passed!

Thank you for the review course and guidance along the way.

You may recall, I went through the College of Financial Planning/Kaplan for course work. It was a good experience. But I definitely responded/gravitated to your approach to covering material and topics.

While I look forward to taking a break from the books, I do look forward to keeping my tools sharp with your courses for continued education.

Thank you again.


John Passuccio

"Not only is Rattiner's Fast Track course the best way to get the CFP done the right way, it is a time filled with laughter and camaraderie. You spend class days working with fellow students, who have a variety of backgrounds/experience, and get the opportunity to learn from them as well as from Jeff. The proprietary material is extraordinarily helpful, and Jeff provides tremendous support throughout the process. I would highly recommend this course to all prospective CFP students!"

Jacob Kark

"Jeff’s fast track virtual or in-person is the way to go!  I was one of the lucky ones that was able to attend both.  Beginning of 2020 I attended class in person twice, and then Covid hit so we had to switch to virtual.  At first I was skeptical of virtual as I personally prefer in person learning as I get easily distracted; however, virtual was just as robust and kept my full attention.  My study group that we had formed from the first few classes would set calls after each virtual learning to recap and go through anything we may have questions on.  The program is intense but appropriate if you want to pass on your first try and be done within a year.  I would suggest following his curriculum closely and always study before attending class.  Treat each class as a chance to solidify your understanding of the topic and an intense review.  Thanks to Jeff’s curriculum, my study efforts, and my study group I was able to pass on the first try.  He is right when he says that the test will kick your butt, it isn’t easy but definitely worth it. Thanks Jeff!"

Marie McFarland | Financial Advisor

"Jeff's CFP Exam review course was great because it gives you the tools necessary to pass the exam. I really appreciated his delivery of the information and how he did not sugar coat the time commitment needed and the important aspects to study. He was very honest about it being a difficult test however, he also made the students/class realize that it is about knowing the big picture not just the fine details. I personally appreciated the pragmatic approach. He encourages the students to work hard and also assures them if they do they will pass."

Chad Sheiner

Hi Jeff,

I hope you are doing well- but not as good as ME! I PASSED my CFP exam yesterday and am on cloud 9. Wow, the last few months were straight up torture, but seeing that “pass” on the screen made every torturous minute worth it!

Thanks for a great review class; it was so helpful and I continuously re-read notes from your class up until exam day.

Have a great week and thanks again!


Jessica Blood

"Hi Jeff,

I am in the club! Thank you for all of your help and guidance, I am certain that I would not have been so well prepared if it wasn’t for your class. Taking the week before the test off was also instrumental.  

Thanks again!"

Darija Ivanovic | MBA


I want to thank you again for all your help during the CFP prepation Course at UCI,  I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot from your expertise. Your vast knowledge in all the areas that relates to our line of business is absolutely amazing.

Usually, to study or go through any learning process, for our business is somewhat boring; however you made it very interesting with your teaching methodology, and the examples you gave. Add to that those very humerous jokes, even though you managed to tell them without laughing.

I hope our paths will cross again, and I strongly believe that whoever attends any of your learning sessions, will add to his /her knowledge in the business.

My Best."

Haissam Alrachid, MBA

​Financial Consultant

"Hey Jeff,

I hope you’re doing well. I was a student in your 4 day intensive course last month and just passed the exam on Monday! Wanted to send you over a note to thank you for your help. Your course was incredibly helpful and absolutely helped me get over the hump. I appreciate you and please let me know if I can be of help in getting the word out about your course.

Thanks again and I really appreciate you."

Michael Foley

"I was recommended to the fast track course by a colleague who had only taken the review class. I have two kids, a wife who works full time, and a practice that required a lot of attention and time. I did not feel like I could confidently hold myself accountable for the approx. 18 months of self-study that I had heard was required, if had not taken a class like Jeff’s. I would recommend that anyone, regardless of your bandwidth, who is serious about passing the CFP® exam on the first try, consider Jeff’s FastTrack course. You will get hands-on learning, in an environment that will allow you to discuss the materials and work with other individuals in your industry in real time and with a scheduled review class each month, it will help hold you accountable in getting through all of the material necessary for that specific module.

Thanks Rattiner!"

Alex Dabney | Financial Advisor |

"I am glad I signed up for your classes. You helped me to channel the broad based knowledge into focusing on answering the specific questions. In the process, it’s fun to discover “what I don’t know” and “what I know ain’t what CFP Board is looking for”. The big pile of studying material is not rocket science per se but does often need clarification on applications to the CFP exam, that’s when your classes come to be necessary for me. I definitely got my expected return on my investment.  Safe travel and all the best to your family!"

Lisa Lo

"Wanted to let you know that I passed my exam on Tuesday! I'm happy to submit a review or anything that might be helpful - your class really is tremendous."

Benjamin Wood

"I began attending Jeff's Fast Track course in January of 2020 in preparation for the November exam. There was a lot of material to digest. Jeff's classes covered a lot of information, but he presented it in a way that makes sense. I credit Jeff and his method for preparing me to successfully complete the November exam."

David L Owens, ChFC®

"Wanted to let you know that I passed!  Thanks so much for all your help and guidance!"

Jill E. Gosz

"I am very thankful to you for providing the guidance and hands on approach for the CFP preparation. You have an out of the box approach and that coupled with Kaplan’s structured material really took the preparation to a different level. The virtual classes did not impede in the quality of teaching and I am glad I signed up for your course.  Thanks again.


Sameera Gupta, CFP®



I could not have done the CFP® without your program. It was second to none in helping me complete the modules with JR Financial and you made them enjoyable! The complexity level of your test questions was very helpful in preparing for the level of the exam.  Your encouragement along the way to raise the bar and stay focused was instrumental in helping me pass the exam.  Just knowing you and gaining access to ‘the club’ is the best part!

Thank you, again, for everything!"

Margaret Fuller, MBA, CWS®, AAMS®

"The Fast Track program is an ideal way to meet the educational requirements for obtaining CFP® certification. Jeff is an engaging and entertaining teacher.But Jeff's special ingredient is his respect and enthusiasm for the mark and the professionalism and value it will add to your practice."

Steven R. Smith, JD, CFP®

 ​"We had several people in our firm go through Jeff's Fast Track Program and successfully pass the CFP® Exam. With their success in mind, we had a group of five of us that all signed up for the same program preparing for the same exam. This course was EXACTLY what we hoped it would be. Very focused, very relevant, and well prepared all of us to sit for and earn the CFP®. I would recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants to achieve their CFP® and encourage likewise that the time commitment for the 8-9 months is much better than 18-36 months going at it alone. Thanks for everything Jeff!"

Colton Duffy, RICPR®

"Jeff's Fast Track course gave me the tools I needed to pass the CFP® exam. His process works and filled in gaps that on-line learning did not provide. This was my last attempt at passing the exam and I am so grateful for Jeff's insight and guidance. I wish I had known about his course earlier. Having a step by step process to follow was so valuable. It sounds simple but if you follow his process and put in the time you will be successful. Thanks again for helping me and many of my colleagues to succeed."

Carla R. Hunt

"Jeff is the most entertaining teacher I have ever had. I have tried to do the online education courses and they are boring and tough to pay attention to. I would highly recommend taking the time to attend his live classes. I was able to focus for 4 days and learn way more than I could ever learn watching a video online."

Tyler Hunt, Associate
Arista Wealth Management
Las Vegas, NV

"I was in 2nd grade when my father attended Jeff's first Financial Planning Fast Track program 17 years ago. My father told me it would be a great program to help me prep for the CFP® exam and he was right (he usually is). If you want to learn from the best and pass the CFP® exam, this is a great prep program and Jeff is a great and dedicated teacher.Money very well spent. Thanks Jeff!"

Charles Rossi, CFP®

Intelligent Capitalworks

"I traveled from LA. to Arizona for Jeff's CFP® courses because he came so highly recommended and it was well worth it. I passed the exam on my first try and gained an immense amount of knowledge in each course. Jeff makes sure to go above and beyond what is needed to pass the exam, so not only will you pass but you will have real world knowledge that is superior to most others. The classes were always interesting and entertaining, so I never felt like I was struggling to pay attention or anything like that. There was always a lot of participation among the class as well with very high level conversations. It was nice to hear so many different people's perspective on topics since you had so many people that came from different places and had different levels of experience. Jeff encouraged me to travel to attend the classes in person and it was well worth doing so. As Jeff said would happen, there was a high level of camaraderie in the class and it was great working with everyone throughout the year of the fast track program. I would definitely recommend this class to everybody!"

Jeremy Leibowitz, RICP®

"I would recommend the Rattiner Fast Track program to anyone who is eager to learn and wanting to put the CFP® designation behind their name in a short amount of time. I was hesitant to jump into the CFP® program, knowing the amount of time and sacrifice it would take to learn the adequate information to pass the test. I didn't want to take 2 years to complete all the education like a lot of the online "go at your own pace" programs offer so when I heard about the Rattiner Fast Track program, I knew that was the best fit to gain the knowledge and credentials in the timeliest manner. I loved the classroom environment, having others in class going through the same experience you are and hearing their questions is helping in the process. Jeff is very intelligent and is great at providing real life examples on how to apply what you are learning in class to what you will actually encounter in the real world. It also doesn't hurt that his system has a high passer rate for the exam.

Matthew Neal

​"Quite simply, you need to take Jeff's class. You owe it to yourself and your clients. The knowledge that you will gain from his financial planning courses will make you a top tier financial planner. Jeff is a financial planning guru and his wisdom cannot be found in books. His knowledge, humor, and the personal relationship he builds with you will have you consumed, from start to finish. If this wasn't enough to entice you to take his course, you will also pass your CFP® examination. This is a must for all 'financial planners' who have access to his services.

Thanks again for all of your help and for giving me a new lens to view financial planning through."

Alex Koch

Director of Investments

Associate Wealth  Management

"I took Jeff's Fast Track program that began in July 2019 for the March 2020 exam and I cannot recommend this program enough. The classes were always informative, very interactive and challenging. Jeff does a fantastic job of preparing you for exam day not only through his tests and prep materials but he really breaks down the topics in a way that you can understand and then apply the material. Not only was I given all the resources to succeed on test day, I am confident that I will use the lessons and discussions from this class throughout my financial career. A must-attend for those who are wiling to put the work in, learn and pass the exam!"

Thomas Decker
Douglas C. Lane & Associates
New York, NY


I appreciated the class and the knowledge I gained.  I also have made some friends and great contacts in the industry by attending your class. You may recall started the CFP® course work almost 20 years ago, I let life get in the way and stopped the course work halfway through.

When I found your program, and heard I could complete it in 8-9 months I made a commitment to myself and the program. Your instruction, pace and intensity of the program kept me on track to pass the certification exam.  Given one month between each class and just two months before the certification exam there wasn’t time to stop studying.  Your notes and pre-class assignments kept me focused on what I needed to know to pass the class/exam.  Having passed the certification exam I look back on the classes, pre-class assignments and daily classroom tests with appreciation. Although at the time I accused you of "Child Abuse". The daily tests you gave us were a vital factor for preparing me for the exam. I think we had 400 - 600 questions for each topic!

At times the class was tough and material grueling.  In the end, the class room discussions, your presentations and instructions and your tests were the key.  Thank you!!

All the best."

Kevin Moore   

In addition to being a great teacher, Jeff proved to be an excellent professional resource for me following the conclusion of his class. After obtaining the CFP® designation, I was lucky enough to find my dream job opportunity with Buckingham Strategic Wealth, one of the top RIA firms in the country. I know this opportunity would not have been feasible without first obtaining the CFP® designation, and Jeff’s guidance played a vital role in helping me secure the job I was looking for.

Zach Novak, CFP®

Associate Wealth Advisor

​Buckingham Strategic Wealth

"Mr. Rattiner, instructor and coach extraordinaire, as you can see from the signature line below, I am in the club baby. I took that 'Zero percent chance!' and turned it into something.

Thank you again for your wisdom and guidance. It was a great year of my life, great people, and good times.

Thanks Jeff."

John Knodle, CFP®

"Jeff - I want to thank you one last time for teaching an excellent course. Your deep financial knowledge, life experiences and humor made it a true pleasure."

Donald A. Hahn

V.P. Wealth Management Banking

​"Jeff's classes gave me the best chance possible to pass the CFP® exam. After years of self-studying and not getting anywhere, I needed help. Jeff's program kept me focused and ready to go on game day. He would use examples in class that would really stick with you. Most importantly, he kept his classes lively and on your toes so you would be engaged in the material each and every class. I am so grateful I took Jeff's class and would recommend anyone who wants to become a CFP® Certificant to take his course!"

Andy Weinberg, Financial Consultant 

​"Jeff’s CFP® exam prep is structured to do it right and do it once.  Of the multiple options I had when choosing an education program Jeff combines material from the most sources, consolidates that information to thoroughly highlight what you have to know, and tests the concepts from multiple angles and learning styles.  Jeff reinforces retention through a vast and deep background in the industry, sharing memorable stories and practical application.  The class time is focused but enjoyable with lighthearted humor.  And having had unplanned surgery during the course, I can personally attest to Jeff’s dedication to help his students.  Jeff worked around my needs, to help me continue my studies.  I don’t know of another instructor that would do the same.  I am so thankful to have chosen to learn from Jeff and being led to passing the CFP® exam on my first time.  Thank you Jeff!"

Michael Kauffman

"You’re the best teacher I ever had in all my years of school!"

Ross Elliott

"I can't thank you enough Jeff!!! I passed the CFP® exam! I appreciate your help in getting me through this. Your big picture view was exactly what I needed to tie all my loose ends together. I couldn't be happier right now. The amazing thing is...the stuff you taught me, I am still applying in my every conversations with clients too. You really made things easy to understand and easy to memorize. I appreciate your help!!!!"

Katrina Lessard

"​​I attended Jeff's intensive CFP® course in person, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Initially I was doubtful and overwhelmed. With so much information to cover, I struggled having confidence in my ability to succeed. However, trust Jeff's process and your success is imminent. I passed the exam on my first try and it would not have been possible without Jeff's classes. I would also highly encourage the "in-person" experience as the jokes tend to be better (you'll know what I mean after you sign up) and the relationships I built with colleagues in my industry ended up being a favorite part of my experience. Take this class! You won't regret it."

Clint Jasperson

"I was very diligent in deciding what education provider/instructor to select for CFP® classes. I talked to a dozen CFP® Professionals, some of whom had taken Jeff's course, some who had taken courses with other providers, and even some who utilized other providers and failed the exam before jumping in classes with Jeff to find they passed the 2nd go around. It did not take long to deduce that Jeff's Fast Track was far superior in the minds of those who had experienced his course. 

After taking the course myself, I now know there is a reason why he has such tremendous pass rates with his students. He is direct and to the point in his lectures, he provides outstanding materials to ensure that you "see the big picture", and he keeps classes entertaining with his wit and humor. In other words, he's an excellent educator. If you're going to take CFP® classes, do it right, do it once and do it with Jeff."

Best, ​
Eric Davis

"As a previous student of the CFP® Education Program I reached out to Jeff on a professional subject in hopes to gain additional clarity.  Within a day we were on the phone together. Jeff shared wisdom from relevant experiences that helped inform and prepare me.  Jeff, you went above and beyond, and I appreciate your genuine care and guidance."

Michael Kauffman, CFP®

"Jeff's insights were spot on.   He provides the framework, you provide the time, effort, and dedication.  When it comes to preparing to take the rigorous CFP®  Exam, this course is no-nonsense, is non sugar-coated, has no fluff..... and is all business, and the right amount which helped push me to achieve a passing score on the CFP®  Exam.  As an added bonus, you get to listen to all of Jeff's really good jokes, which makes a solid deal even better.  I highly recommend this course."

Pablo King Ortiz

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts in helping me obtain my certification through the Fast Track process. Throughout the course, you showed a great deal of professionalism and patience while guiding us through the very challenging curriculum, and I am now able to serve my clients at a higher level as a result. Along with a learning experience that far surpassed my initial expectations, I am also very blessed to have made several new friendships along the way, and I fully plan on using some of your jokes as my own! I can't thank you enough for the attention you showed to me personally, and for the knowledge you shared with our group over the past several months, and I look forward to seeing you again back in New York. Thanks for everything.

Marc V. Milic

"Jeff’s course is a must for anyone wanting a well-structured and informative course to prep for the CFP® exam.  Jeff has done a great job scheduling the curriculum over a 9 month period which will have you more than prepared to take the exam.  The in-person format of his classes are great for anyone that may have workplace or family obligations that can make self-study challenging.  You’ll have fun taking this course, Jeff is a great guy and keeps the classes light hearted and fun.  He is a wealth of knowledge and if you follow his advice, you’ll be more than prepared for the CFP® exam."

Jeff St. Gelais, CFP® | Financial Advisor​


I passed the exam yesterday!  Thank you sooo much for your wonderful boot camp.  It was tremendously valuable!!  You did a wonderful job of reviewing/teaching and bringing such a great energy to the class.  I actually thought it was a great time!  I can’t imagine having taken the exam without it.  I wish I had taken Fastracks!  Thank you, thank you!

I will spread the word at AXA!

Rachel Comfort, ChFC, CLU

"I took the exam yesterday and got a preliminary pass indication after submission! This class is exactly what I needed and would recommend for anyone wanting to take the exam.  Class was grueling, but great.  Jeff is very thorough, patient, and entertaining, but took it to the next level.  He really took the time to not only cover everything you’d need to pass the exam, but he took it a couple of steps farther to help grow your knowledge to really help clients after passing your exam.  I formed a lot of friendships with people in that class and look forward to coming out to visit with my family in the future. 

I would definitely refer anyone wanting to take the CFP® exam to take your course. "

Andy Sutton

Financial Advisor

"I had a fantastic experience throughout Jeff's class and in the process toward certification. I felt very prepared for the exam thanks to his advice and teaching style. This educational program kept me accountable and engaged, and I created great relationships with my peers along the way. I felt the program set me up incredibly for success, kept my attention in the 9 month format, and would recommend to anyone looking to sit for the exam."

​Nick Hassig

"Thanks for this Jeff. I wish all my instructors had been like you, maybe I would have finished college in 4 years if they had been.

Lucas E. Bremer, MBA

"I took the CFP® exam last week and, thanks to Jeff Rattiner, passed the first time around! Jeff's review course was rapid-fire, demanding, and worth every penny!

Before taking the review course, I thought I had a pretty good handle on things. After day 1, I realized that even though I felt like I knew the material fairly well, I didn't know how to prepare for the exam. Jeff's practical advice and effective study schedule saw me through the final stages of preparation.

We were sent home after 4 intense days to 'ramp it up a few more notches.' Seriously? I didn't think I had anything left in me! But, I diligently put in the work day after day and PASSED.

'Do it once, do it right, and move on' will stick with me forever!"

Helen Dickens

"Highly highly recommend Jeff's CFP® class! He was worth every penny. His knowledge and real life experience and examples relating to the CFP® topics was one of the most beneficial part of his course, something you won't get from an outline study guide. As long as you come into the class dedicated to pass, Jeff will give you all the resources you need to pass the exam (the first time!). Overall really enjoyed learning and being part of his class."

Daniel Lee

"I passed!!!! The first time!!!! I'm so happy! I actually started working on my CFP® designation more than 10 years ago - I was self-studying. I passed the first two parts, but by the time I got into the third part (Income Tax), I found the material so dry and boring that I could go no more than 1/3 into the book. I tried 3 times to go back and get motivated - to no avail. I convinced myself that I didn't really need the CFP® designation. However, we all know that you have a competitive edge when you have that designation. When my bank brought in Jeff to teach the course and they mentioned that he had a great sense of humor, I was in. Jeff has great knowledge on the material and can take very dry information and make it interesting. He has a lot of life experiences and cases he can share, which helps your retain the information. I definitely recommend Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track!"

Lisa Britt

"Jeff, It was a great weekend.  It was indeed everything you said, Fast Pace, Exciting and Rich in Knowledge.  I gotta say, I learned more in the past 4 days with insurance and other items than 18 years in the industry.  I have already started to make a ton of notes of things to implement and improve to elevate our practice.  I wish I had started this CFP® course years ago.  You did great."

​Paul Moffatt, MBA, AIF®

"Look no further, Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track program is the ticket. I did the entire program and passed the CFP® Exam in 9 months. Jeff has a process for the working professional to pass the exam. All you need to do is follow the proven process. I am so grateful to Jeff for helping me take it to the 'next level'. Online is not for me and is not a substitute for the personal instruction and explanation that Jeff gives. The best part of the program is the live review where Jeff gives you the step by step process of what is needed and how to implement the information. I can honestly tell you Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track is the way to go. Jeff thank you for doing such an awesome job and helping me improve personally and professionally."

Glenn Buhler, MBA

"Jeff's Fast Track course is enjoyable and really simplifies the massive amount of information that the CFP® board requires you to learn. Jeff is knowledgeable and focuses on what is absolutely important for exam success. The program takes time and commitment but is so much better than any self-paced online program out there. Not only will the class prepare you for exam success, but you will learn a ton of practical information that you will be able to immediately take back to your financial planning practices. Listen to what he says in the class and how he tells you to prep for the exam and you will be successful. All in all, it is a phenomenal class and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a CFP®."

Geoffrey Schaefer, Financial Advisor

"It took me three years of night classes to finish the CFP® course because of my busy schedule. By the time I was ready to start studying for the actual CFP® exam, to say I felt overwhelmed is an understatement. There is so much material to remember, and to try to recall what I had previously learned seemed insurmountable. I signed up for Jeff's exam prep class and it was the best thing I could have done. Not only did Jeff go over every topic and make it interesting, he highlighted what we needed to know within each topic. He then gave us tips on how to study and manage our time. I finished his class with a study plan and a full notebook of notes on what to focus on for each topic. Between Jeff's class and the study materials provided, I was able to focus and not feel so overwhelmed. I passed the exam on the first try and I know there is no way I could have done so without this class. I am so grateful!"

Heather Holtzinger, Principal

Grandview Investment Advisors, LLC

​"Can't say enough about how Jeff's Fast Track program helped me pass the CFP®. He has designed a great program to complete the required modules in an efficient, educational and engaging format. The condensed schedule keeps you on track and prepares you with a great foundation of the topics ahead of the final review. Jeff, not only tackles each modules for what we need to know for the exam, but uses real world examples that will add value once you attain the CFP® designation. The engaging classroom format also allowed us to form relationships that will provide that additional motivation and support network. I am so glad I didn't go it alone and signed up for the Fast Track Program!"

Brandon Nickell

​Senior Associate Portfolio Consultant

"The Financial Planning Fasttrack was exactly the level of forced dedication I needed to successfully pass the July 2018 CFP® exam. Jeff was not only incredibly insightful, but made grueling material enjoyable with his witty anecdotes and plethora of real world experience. His ability to provide ready examples of how varied circumstances may take place in both application of the material as well as how it may be presented on the test truly set his class apart. In prepping for the birth of a second child, move across the country, and job change I absolutely benefited from the focused and intensive coursework. I recommend his class, or even the review course, to ANYONE I encounter prepping for the CFP® exam."

JT Trimble

"Highly, highly recommend Jeff Rattiner's Fasttrack Program to successfully complete the education requirements for the CFP® certification and pass the exam on your first attempt. While the material is not necessarily difficult, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming and the questions on the exam require a detailed knowledge of the material they are testing. Jeff's classes were fun and engaging; he helped me understand the material in greater detail to pass the exam and also become a better advisor for my clients."

Dennis J Robinson, CIMA® | Vice President – Senior Portfolio Manager | First Western Trust

"Rattiner's Fast Track course is an intense, high-speed/high-content program that deserves full credit for me passing the CFP® exam on my first attempt.

The primary books Jeff provides are thorough (as any materials must be), but his supplemental study materials condense an incredible amount of information into easily manageable portions for review. Your commitment to taking the time to learn the material paired with his presentation skills -- the four day courses are high intensity, he teaches the WHOLE time and you better come prepared-- will create a solid foundation for everything you will need to succeed.

There is a reason so many people with my firm have taken and subsequently recommend Jeff's program, and I'm continuing the tradition without reservation."

David Bonar

"Jeff's class was extremely helpful in broadening my financial planning knowledge, and by extension, knowledge of financial advisors in general.  The amount of material an aspiring CFP® needs to master is daunting but, Jeff gives a roadmap all the way to examination day.  Specifically, his clear and understandable lectures and topic notes, delivered in an engaging manner, is a clear and compelling differentiator for Jeff's services in the test preparation industry.  I highly recommended Jeff's course!"

Kent Schmeckpeper

"As someone who has needed two attempts on nearly every exam I’ve taken in the past, I was thrilled to pass the CFP® exam first try! I owe it to Jeff’s Fast Track Program. The material and questions we covered in class put me in the right state of mind to pass this exam. The review course was a perfect recap that brought everything together, leaving no surprises on exam day. I had Jeff’s “No One Cares” speech in the back of my mind pushing me through those long final days of studying. This program was a blueprint to pass the exam and entertaining along the way!"

Nick Maly

"I passed! I’ve notified the Colonel that I will be substituting my KFC designation to become a CFP® practitioner.

I want to thank you for everything that you did for me, directly and indirectly, during your Fast Track program. Your program is the main reason that I can claim this designation, period.

Thanks again for everything, Jeff, and know that I will forever be your advocate for individuals that are interested in obtaining this certification.


Jonathon Miller CFP®, RICP® 

"I have been in the financial services industry working as a financial advisor for nearly the last 10 years, after taking all of the 7 pre-requisite courses and having 10 years of experience I decided to simply sign up and give the test a try. The Series 7 and 66 came very easy to me with minimal studying and that approach left me humbled when I failed the exam in 2017. I learned this test wasn't like the others and you can't simply learn definitions and even have a chance of success. I signed up for Rattiner's CFP® review and with his guidance and clarification along with a bit of additional studying I came out successful! Thanks again Jeff for all of the help - happy to finally be able to 'join the club'!"

Max Dembow

Jeff Rattiner’s Fast Track program is a recipe for success! Jeff uses his exceptional technical knowledge and experience to present information in a way that not only prepares you for the exam, but also allows you to actually learn complex concepts so that you can use them with clients immediately. If pursuing the CFP® designation is in your future, I can recommend the Fast Track program without hesitation”.

Howard L. Schuster, CFP®, MBA

​"Going into Jeff’s CFP® Exam review course I felt like I had a reasonably solid base knowledge in financial planning having passed my Life, Accident & Health, Series 6, 7, 9, 10 and 66; and earning my CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® and RICP® through the American College. I quickly realized that this exam would be significantly harder than any I had taken in the past and I was truly amazed by Jeff’s depth and breadth of knowledge on all 72 of the CFP® topics. I can honestly say I do not believe I would have passed the CFP® exam had I not taking his review course and I would highly recommend this and any other course he teaches… He’s a machine!"

Mike Faulhaber, CLU®,ChFC®,CASL®,CLF®,RICP®,CLTC

"Hey Jeff,

I passed!!!

Look for referrals from me, after the test was done I realized that there were only a couple of questions I was clueless about, your fasttrack program is the best.  I was totally prepared for the test, thanks again for your help and your friendship.

Dave Ethington, AAMS®
Branch Operations Manager  |  Biltmore Branch                                                    
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Charles Schwab Bank

"I was fortunate enough to have taken Jeff's full fast track course. With less than one year of being licensed and minimal industry experience there was a large learning curve to be able to get through the exam. Having the consistent classes throughout the nine months forced me to have everything read before the next class and kept me on track and focused. The review course was very helpful as it tied all of the technical information together into a four day recap. During the exam itself, multiple times, I had Jeff's one liners in my head as I was answering the questions and I was able to pass on the first try. There is no doubt that through Jeff's fast track course, you will be more than prepared to pass the exam if you put in the time."

Thanks once again!
Justin Kauffman

"Jeff Rattiner’s review course was the perfect 4-day course to highlight those things we truly needed to know, in order to pass the CFP® exam.  Reflecting on myself and the knowledge I had before I entered his course, to the mindset I had after his review course, it was like a 180 degree turn!  He truly helps you think critically and holistically like a planner.  There is no way I would have passed the exam on my self-study alone.   His knowledge base, tips on taking the test, and Keir materials proved invaluable.  I would NOT have passed the exam, let alone on the first attempt, without going through his course.  It had come highly recommended to me by various colleagues and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone planning to sit for the CFP® exam!"

Kimberly Jestrab, RP®
Associate Financial Advisor
D.A. Davidson & Co | 208 N Broadway, Ste 100 | Billings MT 59101

"The Rattiner program is second to none in preparing for the CFP® exam and learning valuable lessons to share with clients. By following Jeff's advice, study schedule, and testing practices, I was able to pass the exam the first time. It is hard to put a price tag on the 30 years of experience he has in helping students attain the CFP® and while testing his stories and real-life examples were echoing in my head and proved essential to my success. The CFP® will be a game changer for me, my practice, and most importantly the families I serve."

Mark Finney

"Jeff's Financial Planning Fast Track was the key to my success. I have struggled my entire life with taking tests. I did not think I had a chance, but I wanted to pass this exam. I was able to change my test taking ability, because of the structure of this program. I have taken more practice questions than I care to count. Because of this, his class does a great job preparing you for  'Game Day.' Going into the exam I was nervous, but once the questions started I was in the groove that I developed taking Jeff's exams. I highly recommend this program."

​Gerald Varela

"If you are serious about sitting for the CFP® exam, Jeff Rattiner's course will put you in a great position to pass the first time. His class is the real deal. He provides you with all the critical information needed to answer all questions thrown at you by the CFP® Board. If you want to understand this exam inside and out and the confidence on exam day, take this course."

​Robert Weaver

"Taking Jeff's Financial Planning Fast Track provided me with the diligence and level of intensity that was needed to pass the CFP® exam. As someone with no prior experience in the industry, I was starting at square one. Jeff taught in ways that were easy to understand and retain, and all of the practice questions and group study sessions were critical to my success. Jeff's stories and examples helped to apply the knowledge and truly prepare us for Game Day and take the volume of information to the next level. I highly recommend this program!"

Irena Ernst

"The Fast Track program helped immensely. It prepares you for the exam better than any self-study course ever could. Each course pushes you to learn the details of the topics, and Jeff helps bring everything together to finish with a strong understanding of how they interact in the format of the Exam."

​Tyler Clark

"Jeff's 4 day crash course is what put me over the edge and allowed me to pass my first time. During the 4 day crash course Jeff solidified my confidence in concepts that I was relatively strong in and cleared up some of the more difficult concepts that I was weaker in. Jeff was also able to provide some key insight and tips on how to pass the exam that were incredibly useful during my final weeks of review. Thank you Jeff!!"

​John Boyd

"Good morning Jeff,

One week out from test.

I wanted to send a note that regardless of a pass or fail, I appreciate all you did for me through the last couple of years.

I am a much stronger member of my team here, and they have noticed. You put me on the fast track. I'll always be grateful regardless of the outcome.

Go Yankees,"

Lucas E. Bremer, MBA

"With Jeff's help to training for the CFP® Certification Examination, I learned the math techniques behind the planning is based which is 10 times more valuable than just learning the data entry and software. I truly understand the critical issues of financial planning for which I am helping my clients."

Steven Douglass

"The Rattiner Fast Track program absolutely prepared me to sit for the CFP® exam. The material, insight and instruction was spot on and engaging. I could not have done this on my own in a self-study environment!"

Griffith D. Voth

"Jeff's class was essential to cutting through the jungle of information presented in the CFP® Board Exam materials. Jeff uses the most up to date and efficient methods for digesting and understanding the material while focusing on the most important topics. You are required to have your own study method and it is essentially in your hands to pass the exam, but Jeff Rattiner, with his industry expertise, can provide the tools and guidance to make passing a reality."

Alex Osmond

Communications and Client Relationship Manager

"Jeff Rattiner's Fast Track Class was just what I needed to pass the CFP® exam. Jeff's knowledge and insight were beneficial in helping me understand each concept. His class does an excellent job getting you ready for the exam by using great textbooks and daily quizzes. I would recommend anyone wanting to get their CFP® designation to attend Jeff's classes."

Christopher Clark

Enterprise Relationship Manager

"Jeff came so highly recommended it was a lot easier for me to justify flying from Des Moines to spend four days in Denver away from my family and job. I left the Fast Track classes after the four days with a clear understanding of how the test would operate, what I needed to focus on personally, and a structure of preparation that gave me confidence to succeed. Above all else, Jeff's class helped me to respect the test! If you trust his process and do the work you know you need to do, Jeff's guidance will make sure you only have to do the work once!"

Geoff Murtha, ChFC®, CLU®, Principal, Des Moines, IA

"With just under two months to formally prepare for my CFP® exam, enlisting the help of Jeff was a terrific investment of both my time and energy. As someone that learns best through real life application and scenarios - I was delighted by the stories and cases Jeff shared with our group, as those moments of his career helped bring concepts to life. This class was a great barometer in identifying where my knowledge was sufficient, and where I could stand to improve the most.

A big thanks to Jeff and best of luck to future candidates!"

Mark Anthony Weldon

"The Fast Track course was invaluable in preparing for the CFP® exam. In addition to the method and style used in your class there were practical examples and real world issues that can be put to use with our trust and investment clients. Finding your process after starting a self-paced program was a life-saver and I recommend to all considering the in-person approach with class and peer discussion. Thanks for everything."

Dan McCaslin

Vice President

​Alpine Bank Wealth Management

"I had the privilege to take Jeff's Fast Track CFP® review two weeks prior to my test date. I couldn't be happier with how the class was structured and the topics it touched on. It gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to push through the final two weeks prior to my exam. Jeff's class is straight forwarded and he will not beat around the bush which is what I wanted.

Huge shout out to Jeff and all of his knowledge. Hands down worth every minute and proud to say I will be putting on my letters soon!

Thanks Jeff."

​Ryan Csrnko

"I was referred to Jeff by a few of my colleagues. His class is known for its condensed time frames and high pass rates. He gives you what you need to know without dragging things out."

Max Bradley

"I highly recommend Jeff's Fast Track Program and CFP® Review Class in order to earn your CFP® certification! Jeff's real life experience, personal teaching style, and real world experience increases your learning curve dramatically. If your goal is to pass the CFP® and learn as much as possible throughout the process, you MUST enroll and find out for yourself. You will not regret it. Thanks, Jeff!"

Joshua DeLoach 

​Financial Advisor 

"Jeff's Capstone and Review Course helped me pass the CFP® exam on my first attempt! The sound advice through the process and the extremely well-run review course got me through the exam. After getting married in September of this year and taking 3 weeks off of work and studying leading up to the exam, Jeff was flexible enough to reschedule the capstone class. He then took time explaining how to make up my study time prior to the review course to get up to speed. Jeff's communication was top-notch and his review course was a tremendous help putting together all areas of financial planning. His knowledge of the test itself and insight in what the board expects of its applicants was key to my success on the exam. Thank you for everything Jeff!"

Jesse Maggio

"After struggling through CFP® material and attempting the CFP® exam 3 times, I felt defeated. I took on the challenge once more, took Jeff Rattiner's class using Keir Material and FINALLY passed the 4th time. It takes discipline and relentless studying, but you can do it through Jeff's program!"

Kristina Riebe

"Jeff's review course helped me get the hands-on exposure to the material on the CFP® exam that I would not have otherwise had access to had I stuck to self-studying. The course was a very useful bridge between the College for Financial Planning material and the actual exam itself. The real-world scenarios Jeff presented (filled with sports references) helped everything click for me in a way that it sometimes hadn't with the online courses. I'd definitely recommend this course as a way to center your thoughts and narrow your focus prior to the exam."

Tom McNary


Took the test today and passed. Thank you for all your help! The class was great. Your email earlier this week really lit a fire and pushed me over the edge. The 12-14 hours a day and taking the last week off made the difference. Thanks again!

All the best,

Jeffrey Miller
Senior Vice President
DeMorrow, Miller and Associates
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

"I had taken an online class for my education requirements to sit for the exam and was worried that I was not prepared enough for the CFP® exam even though my online class stated a 90% pass rate. I was recommended by a few colleagues to take Jeff's review class because I didn't have the time nor money to take the exam multiple times. Thank goodness I took his class because looking back there was no way I would have passed without his review course.

Unfortunately I did not get my KFC designation because I passed my CFP® exam last night. I'm so excited." 
Jeff - thanks again for everything. 

Gregory Beal


I PASSED!!!   Thanks for everything.  I don’t know how I would have done it without your class.

Thanks again!

Eric Bowdler
Rogers & Kirby, Inc.

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to give you an update that I passed the CFP® exam today! Ill be honest, I had my doubts but really appreciate all of your help! Your class was great and I felt very prepared for the exam. Thanks again 

Eric Stein


I passed! I greatly appreciate your focused approach and diligence with studying what's important. 

Thank you! I'm fired up about the next stages of my career. 

 Mark A. Nicolet

​​​​Keir recognizes Rattiner's Ohio State University "Fast Track" 100% Pass Rate!

"Each class was taught by Jeff Rattiner CFP®, CPA, who has many years of experience with the CFP® Certification Examination. Jeff is president and CEO of The JR Financial Group, Inc. Beside his book knowledge, he brings a vast array of financial planning experiences to the class that makes it that much more real."

Keir Newsletter August 2012

"Jeff, Your four day Certified Financial Planner preparatory class is exactly what I needed to pass the CFP® Certification Examination. Understanding the strategy to take a test of this magnitude along with solidifying where to focus my energy prepared me well for the six hour test. I know that I wouldn’t have realized success without your guidance and education. The cost, travel and time was well worth the effort and I recommend your training program to anyone who is serious about passing the CFP® examination on the first attempt. Thanks again for everything.​"

Peter Murphy

"I trust Jeff as much as anyone I have ever met in the financial services industry.  He is extremely knowledgeable and tells it like it is.  He is tough, but also entertaining as an instructor and keeps class interesting.

To prospective students, I can only say, “Do what he tells you.”  Do all the homework.  Form study groups with your classmates.  Make all the many necessary sacrifices of personal time and even vacation time if you have to.  Make studying your top priority and you will achieve your goals through the Fast Track Program."

Michael Angell; Denver Class 2015

"Despite the massive amount of time and work that FastTrak required, we all had a great time in Jeff's classes!  He is one of the most knowledgeable and dynamic instructors that I have ever had and what really separates him from the rest is his awesome (dry!) sense of humor.   He kept the class fun and on point, and I finished the class with confidence in my ability to pass the exam and introduce the newfound knowledge to my business."

John Hunter, CFP®

"The hardest part of the CFP® exam is the sheer amount of material you have to be proficient in. Jeff's Class made an overwhelming subject matter into digestible little pieces. Not only was his material helpful, but his method of how to prepare for the test was invaluable. I passed because of Jeff, and he will always be my recommended prep course. Thanks again!" 

Rey Arellano                          

"My studies for the CFP®, CLU and ChFC began with the American College, 4 years prior to me writing this review.  I was a student of Jeff’s CFP® Review Course and was astonished by the simplicity of Jeff’s targeted approach to complex problems and case studies.  Jeff summarized 72 key topics, which took me 4 years of disruptive self-study to learn,  and countless evenings and weekends away from my family, all within in 4 short days.  Jeff’s use of the Keir Educational Resources and experience helped me prepare with 100% confidence for one of the most difficult exams I have ever taken.  To do it all over again, I would have taken the CFP Education Course, offered by Jeff, and reduced my 4 years of self-taught to only to 9 months.​"

Kevin R. Kerber PE, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

I had been studying vigorously before doing Jeff’s capstone and review courses, but Jeff helped me take my studying to the next level.  He helped me know areas to focus on and also helped frame my study schedule to meet the high standards of the CFP®.  The four-day intensive review was hugely helpful in bringing all that I had been studying together into a more comprehensive knowledge of the materials.  Jeff’s east-coast way of thinking and interacting is actually pretty hilarious too, which made those long days seem not quite so long.

Thanks for everything, Jeff.  Best of luck with your future classes.  It seems like our class did fairly well.


Jason Sandry 

"A simple thank you isn't enough, but thank you. Not to bury the lead, but I passed the exam and I'm convinced I couldn't have done it without your help. I know I wasn't the most vocal or outgoing in class but I truly enjoyed the time and learned way more then I ever expected. My only regret is that I couldn't convince my wife to get a SUV (we now have a minivan).  The amount of depth and knowledge you have is unparalleled. I'm very excited to be "in the club" and hope that you know we all feel honored to have learned from the best.

Simply put, Jeff got me through.  The CFP® requires an understanding of an overwhelming amount of information.  Jeff will guide you though this information and integrate multiple topics to strengthen your understanding necessary not only to pass the exam, but also better your business.  Jeff's knowledge of this information is unparalleled and he has developed a program to get you where you need to be . This program will push you, it will require hard work, and it will be difficult at times.  If you apply yourself, you will have fun, you will learn a lot, you will be prepared, and you will pass."

Thanks again,

Will Thomas​

"Hi Jeff!

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CFP® exam today! I want to thank you for pushing us. I took your advice and took off of work over the past week and put in 10 hours of studying a day. This feeling is absolutely amazing and could not have done this without you. Thanks again!!

There is a reason Jeff's students have the highest pass rate for the CFP® exam. Jeff made it very clear from the beginning that this was going to take a significant amount of time and effort, which it certainly did.  As rigorous as the classes were, Jeff did a great job creating an enjoyable environment, and believe it or not, I was actually sad when the class came to an end. Jeff was right on in terms of what was going to be tested. Although some of the information that we learned along the way was not necessarily tested, this information provided us with the knowledge needed to become successful CFP Certificants. Anyone who is looking to pursue and successfully pass the CFP® exam, should do it the right way the first time and go through Jeff. I truly mean it.​"

Andrew A. Odish, CWS®, AWMA ®

"Jeff's class was invaluable in progressing to the next level in the financial field. The extreme mass of material necessary for the CFP Board examination is daunting but, Jeff's format gives a necessary road map all the way till test day. Jeff's hands on approach in delivering the particulars--the condensed notes per topic, and other materials provided in class- were crucial. Not only were they key in preparing for the individual classes but, they became extremely helpful study tools in the final push before the exam. Additionally, the environment built a camaraderie amongst us-- being able to call upon each other for support in and out of class, use of each other as sounding boards, and that slight competitive edge, made the undertaking the CFP® more enjoyable. Jeff has this down to a science, stay on pace with his study schedule, pay attention to the way he delivers the information conceptually, and ALWAYS laugh at his jokes." 

Ariella Marquit

"​I took the exam last week… and passed. Thanks for your help. When I got home from the review course a few weeks ago, I shared with my wife and kids your “THE BOARD DOESN’T CARE” mantra regarding any distractions and life events that often get in the way of preparation. It was helpful and we all now borrow the quote when things come up!​"

All the best,

Matthew Anderson

"I can’t say enough about the Fast Track program. Jeff knows what it takes to get you over the top in preparation to pass this difficult exam. He will push you beyond what you thought was necessary to achieve success and that’s a good thing! Mess with this one time and finish. It is a career game changer. Thanks Jeff!”

Scott Erisman
Joplin, MO

"I couldn't have earned my CFP® designation without Jeff Rattiner's Fast Track course.  Rattiner's Fast Track live class format is the key to success if you are serious about completing the coursework and preparing for the exam.  Jeff has a great sense of humor and stories that makes the material memorable.  If you are ready to conquer you CFP® designation then you should only take Rattiner course."    

 Erin Hadary, CFP®,MBA

​"Thank you so much! I really can't sing your praises loudly enough. Your fast track program is AMAZING. Wanted you to know! Yippeeee!!!!!"

 Whitney Williams 

​"The Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track course is a definitely a time commitment, but anything worth attaining is.

Jeff spent time on the material critical in preparing you for the CFP® Exam and approached it in a manageable, methodical way.

I would highly recommend the class if you are serious about learning the material, putting in the time and taking the exam once.

Thanks again."

 John Dunkel 

"Thanks! I am glad you made sure we were not overconfident going into the exam as it made me really buckle down that last week leading up to the test.  Thanks to Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track program, I was able to successfully complete all the modules and pass the CFP® exam on the first try! The class kept me on plan with a set agenda to get through each module and was very informative for the needed material while also applying real world examples/scenarios, which made for a very entertaining and educational experience! Thanks Jeff!"

Thanks again

Ryan Quigley CRPC® | Wealth Advisor | Mass Affluent

"Jeff, thank you so much for your dedication in assisting CFP® candidates like myself in preparing for this certification. I PASSED on the first time!! I can't thank you enough. Prior to attending your classes my extent of income tax knowledge was limited to Turbo tax using the standard deduction, and as far as estate planning, the only term I heard prior to your class was the word, "Trust". 

Combined with your knowledge and "real world" examples, you really made it interesting in topics that can be really boring. Also I loved the humor that you put into it as well. 

I will be recommending your course to others. Well worth it!!!"

Todd Statton

Despite being in the industry for less than 6 months when I began, Jeff’s Fast Track program not only prepared me quickly for the exam, but his application of the material further prepared me for “real world” scenarios. Jeff’s program goes beyond immersing students into the details of testable material, and into connecting the big-picture of comprehensive financial planning. I recommend this program to any advisor looking to take their financial planning knowledge to the next level.  

Thanks again, and I will stay in touch!

Kind regards,

Lacee M. Floyd, MBA

"Jeff Rattiner's Fast Track Course is the pinnacle of education to becoming a CFP® professional. He tells you very directly how it is, builds an enjoyable dynamic class that truly elevates your knowledge in finance. I would not have passed if it was not for Jeff telling it straight and pushing me to study more than I had ever studied for any test. With less than two year of Finance experience he taught, prepared, and continued to motivate me  (as I took the 4 day estate planning class twice) to passing the test on the first go." 

Nick Vandam


Thanks again for the guidance the past year.  Couldn't have passed without the help.  I got the big congratulations on my screen.  See you in a few weeks at your class here in town.  Looking forward to it.

Peter Smith

I surprised us all by passing :)  had to read the screen like 5x but it said congratulations 😊 thanks for all your help and for putting up with us in class.  I'm going to drink a glass of wine now!  

Laurie Raymond

​Jeff's course was a major factor in my passing the CFP® exam.   The technical information that he so skillfully delivered was crucial.  Even more important, however, was the mindset and strategy that Jeff taught that made the difference for me in succeeding with the very difficult CFP® exam.    I don't think I would have passed without Jeff's guidance.   Additionally, I feel like every minute in class had value - I was constantly taking notes and learning - there was not a moment for boredom.

Y'er the best

Ken Carraro

Jeff - thanks for pushing me, tolerating me and teaching me! I owe you big time!

(Yes, that means I passed!)

Robert Toomire

Hi Jeff

Just wanted to let you know I got a preliminary pass notice today!   Thanks for the help in getting through.

Donald Billings​

I passed the exam today!

Thanks for all your help and encouragement. 

Peter De Graff 

Great news! I won't have to work on my KFC designation!


John Romero

Jeff –

 I took all of last week off of work and studied so much over the last few months, and it was all worth it! Thanks so much for your review and your guidance.

​Ashley M. Kilgust

Dear Jeff,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Hope all is well with you and yours. 


Details of the Recommendation: "Jeff is a consummate educator who provides a very through and well organized program to successfully complete the challenging CFP® program. Though there is a great deal of material to review, Jeff's "Fast Track" approach is intense and compact yet thorough as he combines his practical knowledge and experience with insights in what is needed to pass the exam. The structure of his program of self-study reading pre-class, classroom teaching, assignments, exams, and reviews are great preparation and will build your confidence. Unlike many programs which teach you to regurgitate factoids, Jeff stresses understanding and comprehension of principles and provides review materials and rigorous practice questions for each module, as well as memorization keys which are very helpful in organizing your thinking. This is not a walk in the park or a picnic; it is a lot of work, and you will get out of the program what you put in. Jeff works very hard to get you through; the principles you need to pass will be firmly embedded because of his efforts and yours. I passed on my first attempt and recommend Jeff and his program to anyone who plans to take this exam."

Service Category: Teacher
Year first hired: 2006
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Richard Konrad, CFA, CFP® has recommended your work as President at Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track, Inc.

Jeff's fast track class is the only way to go if your preparing to take your CFP®. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and he will help get you through the material in half the time of other programs.

That being said, prepare to work! Jeff will push you for the next 8 months, but I can tell you from experience the reward at the end is well worth it! Jeff will help you to focus in on key areas and show you shortcuts that will help simplify complex topics. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt and don't think this would have been possible without Jeff's fast track program. If you are truly dedicated to passing the CFP® exam and willing to put in the time and effort, this is the program for you! Thanks for everything Jeff!

Anthony Tyree

Hey Jeff,
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out and say thanks to you for providing that review course. While I did not sit right away for the November exam, I did take the exam in March and passed. I can truly attribute that to you and I appreciate it.

Kerry Crunkleton

Using this class was a real shock to my mindset coming from an online self study program from the College For Financial Planning CFP® prep modules.  Jeff’s class was so fast and furious that it helped me to really understand the level that the CFP® exam was actually at, and that if I was going to pass it was imperative to spend more time focusing on not only the depth but also the breadth of the material.  I knew this test would be one and done, so it was only a matter of how prepared I was going to be and how to attack the elephant that is the CFP®.  Jeff definitely helped me to understand how to focus on the vast majority of the material and how to create an approach for the next almost 3 weeks before the test.  I am so glad that I did this class, as I had seen all of the material, but wasn’t sure how to approach about 1,000 pages of material to make sure that I was prepared.  Leaving this review course the fact that it scared me more than anything is what helped kick it into gear that I couldn’t take this test lightly like so many other exams I’d previously taken. It actually ended up being much easier than I thought so I must have prepared pretty well, and like I mentioned above I attribute that to your class.  Thanks again!

Andrew Gaber, APMA®, CRPC®

Jeff Rattiner made the CFP® Fast Track and test prep so easy. Jeff Rattiner knows the CFP® inside and out; his knowledge, industry experience, and captivating teaching methods is undoubtedly what enabled me to learn the materials and pass the CFP® exam.  Jeff made the CFP® materials and principles applicable to my financial planning practice, giving me the tools and insight to be a better advisor to my clients and establish real world connections to the CFP® coursework before sitting for the exam.  There's no other course that will prepare you for the CFP® exam to the extent the Rattiner CFP® Fast Track prepares you.  I have been and will continue to recommend this course to anyone intent on gaining their CFP® designation."

Mark P. Anderson

“I started down the path to obtain the CFP® certification with the College for Financial Planning.  But between work and family obligations, I was getting nowhere with my self-studies.  I knew I needed someone to help me through.  Jeff with "Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track®" was the solution.  Jeff was able to accelerate coursework completion without sacrificing material comprehension.  His classes are robust, and he makes the material understandable and enjoyable.  I can't imagine having a more qualified teacher.  I was able to complete my studies within 9 months!  I passed the exam thanks to Jeff and his team and can't wait to utilize my new found knowledge within my professional career."

Grant Tanner, Denver, CO

​"Jeff Rattiner is a master of the CFP® material. If I could do it all again I would have taken all of my classes through Jeff's Financial Planning Fast Track program. I was incredibly impressed by his knowledge of the material and ability to deliver the information in an understandable and engaging format. I took Jeff's review class in June 2015 and found it to be invaluable to my preparations for the July 2015 exam. If you listen and do everything he tells you to do you will have no problem passing the exam. If you are truly serious about obtaining the CFP® designation then I highly recommend you take as many of Jeff's classes as possible. You will not regret your decision."

Eric T Smith

"Jeff Rattiner's CFP® class was instrumental in helping myself, and many of my classmates, pass the CFP® on the first attempt.  I am a 44-year-old financial professional in the business for 6 years with a family and working spouse, and I passed the CFP® the first time.  Jeff thoroughly understands the material and is excellent with making complex topics easy to digest.  Equally as important is Jeff's guidance on test taking strategies so that you are fully prepared on game day.  Besides the goal of passing the exam, you will also gain a much broader understanding of the CFP® topics which is valuable to your practice.  If you are serious about passing the CFP® exam, I highly recommend using Jeff."
Steve Best, CFP®

I did Jeff’s Fast Track class for the July 2015 Exam and highly recommend it anyone who is considering jumping in. Almost every single person in my FastTrack class passed on the first try. The class is tremendously helpful not only for mastering the content, but also seeing it through the CFP® Board’s perspective (which is what’s required for the final exam).   Anybody who is on the fence about singing up should definitely do it! Thanks Jeff!

Tim Dougher

"Studying for the CFP® exam is a marathon not a sprint.  Jeff helped our class understand that his process took time but was easily achievable with the right guidance.  Following his instructions in class along with his self study recommendations allowed me to be extremely well prepared for the test.  I felt very confident going into the exam because I had followed his instructions as best I could.  It also helps that Jeff has been doing this for so long that he knew exactly what we needed to know to pass.  I would highly recommend his course to anyone that is looking to pass the exam.  The CFP® curriculum is so broad that it makes it very difficult to try and tackle on your own.  If you are serious about passing the exam then take this course."

Douglas R. Eisenman, CFA, CFP®

Jeff has been instrumental in successfully guiding me throughout the CFP® process.  He took difficult topics and broke them down into real-life scenarios that has dramatically improved our clients experience and plan.   Additionally, He’s continued to be a huge support as questions from clients pop up from time to time and I have to call on the Master himself for further guidance!!!  Jeff is a Certified good guy and I whole-heartedly recommend him!

Mark Perrault

Thanks for the help and guidance over the past month. I took the exam on Thursday and am happy to report I received a preliminary passing score. I was more than pleased with the review course I took with you last month in Scottsdale and will absolutely recommend it to my friends and coworkers who will be taking the exam in the future.  

Thanks again,

Ryan Fischer CRPS®, AWMA®

"In my opinion, for anyone contemplating taking the CFP® examination, Jeff Rattiner's review course is an absolute must. The course ties together the different topics covered in the course work to give you the big picture view of the financial planning process, which is the main component behind the examination. It also zones in on key principals for each topic. The materials that Jeff uses along with his course really helped me prepare for the types of questions seen on the exam. The quality and quantity of questions in the study materials were spot on. When exam day came, and I was a few questions in, my mind was at ease. My suggestion is to sign up for Jeff's course, read the books & answer the questions in the books ahead of the course, attend the course, answer all of the questions and take the exams through the materials received online, and as in Jeff's words: "buckle down during this time frame and get the work done; do it right, and do it once!"

Albert Flores

"I can’t thank you enough for all your help and encouragement!  There is no way I could have done this via some online course.  I needed a classroom and some tough love!

I can’t recommend Jeff enough.  I knew when I started the CFP® process, over a year ago, I would need a structured classroom setting and that’s what you get with Jeff.  Passing the test is, of course, the ultimate goal, but understanding the material to be able to apply it with clients is much more important in the long run.  With Jeff you will get both.  This is a big commitment so, do it right, do it once and move on!"

Jake Sessions

Jeff’s class was invaluable in helping me pass the exam the first time, Jeff’s knowledge on all the subject increased my productivity in my practice by being able to apply what you learn in class the next day in the field.”

Stephen Verwers

"I wanted to let you know that I did pass the CFP® exam when I took it on 07/31. I followed your plan and took your advice. The plan worked perfectly and I was definitely prepared. Your in classroom course was exactly what I needed to get prepared. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get the CFP® designation. If they take your course and follow your plan, they'll pass.​"

Thanks again!

Mark H. Anderson

"Praise be to God and Jeff Rattiner. I passed the exam yesterday."

Kelly Mordini

Good news!  I passed the exam this time.   Jorge did too.  That means you have a 100% hit rate for our class.  That's a great reflection on you!  Well done!!

I realize now that the first time, I rushed under the pressure.  I finished with 20 minutes left.  This time I finished with 4 minutes left  because I took my time, read the questions twice....had a few aha moments..... It made all the difference.   You were right when you said it's not how smart you are, it's how well you read the question.

Thank you again. I had a great experiencing working with you Jeff.

If I ever have the chance to take one of your other classes I would do it!

Take care.

Michael Williams

I thought you’d like to know that I passed the July CFP®.  I’m so excited and relieved.  I certainly took to heart your advice in “taking it to the next level” over the last month – I was studying 5 to 6 hours a night on the weeknights and 12+ hours per day on the weekend.  I appreciate your direct approach and scare tactics.  Thanks and hope your other students had success.

Tina Stenquist

I just got done and I passed.

Thanks for all of your help!

Dan Trost

I passed the test!! Thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed the class.

Zak Lutz

Just wanted to let you know I passed!  Thank you for all your hard work preparing us!

Jayne Ellegard

Thanks for your help! I got the preliminary “pass” today when I finished the test. Preparing for that test was harder than I’d originally expected, but I was really glad I’d gone to your class, rather than trying to go it alone.

All the best,

Robert H. Dowdle, CLU

Hi Jeff  - just wanted to let you know that I passed yesterday!  Thanks for the great training.

Audrey Morrison

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam today! Thank you again for all of your guidance and help in preparing for the exam. It's a huge weight off my shoulders to have this behind me.

Jason M. Beumer

Good news Jeff…I passed the exam yesterday.  Thank you for all of your help and encouragement.  Your classes are the best!

LisAnne Beard

They certainly could have made it harder. Or maybe that is my perspective due to your superior teaching skills.

Either way I am glad to be done and appreciate all your guidance along the way.

Mike Lossing

Hi Jeff, I passed the exam, and just wanted to let you know. Thank you for everything!

Beth Cornell

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the CFP® today.

Thanks for all your help!

Gonzalo Rufatt

Just got back from the exam and.... Passed! Thanks Jeff for the great review class! It certainly made passing the exam possible. 


Alan C Williamson CPA, MBA, CGMA

Hey Jeff,

Wanted to let you know that the preliminary results were that I passed. Thanks for all your help and good luck with everything

James K Dreiling

I wanted to let you know that I have preliminarily passed the CFP® exam.  Took it yesterday.

I wanted to thank you for your instruction over the past year.  I learned a lot in the process and feel I will be a better advisor because of it.

You are a great instructor. Continue to work future classes just as hard.  The Keir materials definitely helped as well.

What a great feeling to be in the club!

Jason  Ryan, CWS®

Hi Jeff,

Nice job on the CFP® review course yesterday and all of last week.  I appreciated your insights, structure and humor (not necessarily in that order) in getting us ready for the July exam.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the material, all the rules and all the exceptions to the rules.  But, you were really good in keeping up focused and helping us stay positive while still raising that “not passing” fear element unless we kick it up a couple of notches to get the studying done.

You provide a wonderful service to all of us CFP® wannabes.  Thanks again. 

With kind regards,


Murray L. Hougen;  ChFC, MBA

"Dear Jeff,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to thank you for helping me secure the CFP® designation through the Fast Track program. Entering the program with no formal experience in the financial planning industry, I considered preparation for and passing the exam to be a very daunting task. I was correct in that assumption, however, the Fast Track program was structured exactly for me. The program challenged me to the point of insuring my success with a most difficult exam on my first attempt and you are to be commended. For me to be able to pass the exam on my first try with only your class work as exposure to the industry is a testament to your ability to teach exactly what the Board is looking for and why. Anyone who thinks that there is a better way to prepare for the exam is foolish. Although the jokes in the class border on being horrible, you take material and make it memorable. Again, Jeff I must thank you sincerely on your efforts to get a guy like me through the program and to get me Certified. Anyone that I hear is even thinking of the exam will hear about you first!!!!


Dino A Brantolino, CFP

"Jeff, If it were not for you and your approach to presenting the material for the CFP® exam, I don’t feel I would have passed the first time. The value you brought to the classroom far exceeds any attempt that would be presented in self study materials. I appreciate that you made the material so much easier to digest and created a real expectation as to what to see on the exam. I recommend your course to anyone wanting to be successful passing the CFP® exam the first time! "

Greg Kotsakis CFP®

"I would highly recommend the CFP® Review course by Jeff Rattiner. I completed all of my course material through self study and found that Jeff not only brings all of the material together in a meaningful way, but gives you essential insight into how to PASS the exam. The diagrams, tips and potential pitfalls of difficult questions were essential to my success. If you are serious about passing the CFP® exam, this is the review to take."

William M. Freriks
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company
Broomfield, CO 80021

"Jeff Rattiner's CFP preparation class was instrumental in me passing the November of 2012 CFP® exam. Jeff's masterful ability to organize and simplify complex financial planning topics allowed me to easily remember the material and then accurately apply it to the specific situations presented on the exam. During the class, Jeff also illustrated the concepts with entertaining real life examples the he had dealt with over his years of experience as a CPA. The use of these examples increased my motivation to understand the concepts not only to help me pass the exam but also to become a more knowledgeable advisor and to be able to better sever my clients. Overall I had an outstanding experience in Jeff's class and would recommend it to any financial professional. "

Ryan Sobel
Denver, CO

"Your class was fast-paced and to the point. It provided an excellent review and the class also shined a light on the topics that I needed to spend more time reviewing. Great class, everything you need, nothing you don't."

Mike Oserow
Greenwood Village, CO

"We couldn’t have done it without you – thanks for pushing, whining, cajoling, threatening …. I’ll take credit for the donuts. Thank you, "

Lynda K. Elley

"Well, the results are in and I passed the CFP® test that I sat for in March, 2012 on the 1st go around. I want to thank you for the thorough and well presented content in the Fast Track Course. After struggling through other online CFP® courses, and ultimately giving up on them, the intense, comprehensive and finite timeframe of the Fast Track Program was just what I needed. While compacted in time, it was very deep in content keeping it fresh and at front of mind. Additionally, while there was a huge amount of information to get through, the classes were actually fun, and you kept the examples and information "real world" which is a huge plus. As you mentioned at the beginning of the course, you "own" us for 8 months, but the payoff is us having the CFP® designation for the rest of our careers. Thanks for helping me push through, "

David Morgan

"Jeff, your fast track planning course was excellent. I have no doubt this is the best way to prep for the CFP® exam. Although the information can be over whelming, you have endless knowledge and an excellent course structure in place that has proven success. I certainly owe you credit. Thanks again for all of your support."

Corey Callahan

"Thanks so much for everything you did to help me prepare for and pass the CFP® exam on my first attempt! Although most people underestimate the amount of work it takes to pass an exam like this, I knew from my experiences studying for the CPA exam that the CFP® exam would be just as difficult. I felt 100% prepared the day of the exam. It was quite interesting to compare myself with people who had ‘self-studied.’ I attribute my success to the structure of your class. Everything you required of us – reading assignments, pre-class assignments, examinations, and class discussions – were 100% useful. Not only did I pass the exam on the first attempt, I know that everything I learned in your class will help me to be a better advisor. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to take the CFP® exam. Do it right the first time, so you don’t have to do it again!"

Amanda Runkles, CPA

"At first I thought I could get away with just re-reading my notes taken from studying the 6 course materials. Ha!! That was a comical thought in retrospect. At that point I really had no idea how much more effort it would take me, but I knew I wanted to pass and was ready to put in the time. I was referred to Jeff Rattiner by a colleague who didn’t pass on the first attempt, then took Jeff’s course and passed on the 2nd attempt. I learned that the CFP® test is not about the regurgitation of multiple fact patterns, but the identification and application of those memorized fact patterns in a manner acceptable to the CFP® Board. Passing it takes a different mindset that most other financial industry exams we take. The study material Rattiner uses, combined with his own easy to understand memorization techniques for the harder parts made all the difference to memorizing and applying those fact patterns, no matter how the test question is worded. There were certain parts that Jeff made sense of much more quickly and easily than the book ever could, and then there were other parts where the book was just fine by itself. In the end, Jeff helped me prepare by knowing what to expect on the test, as well as of myself in preparation. The 1000’s of review questions and simulated final exams were very, very useful. It would have been much harder (probably nearly impossible for me to pass on a first try) without your guidance. Thanks!"

Sean Covi

"Jeff, I attended your review class in Langhorne, PA this past October and I wanted to tell you that you were dead on with everything you said. I followed exactly what you said from reading all material before your review class and the case studies. After your review class I did just like you said and completed the Keir's review question CD. The weekend before the exam I completed the simulated exam by Keir in the same format as the exam and scored around a 70%. Building up my stamina was really helpful. I stopped studying the Wednesday before the exam. When I got to the test I couldn't believe how many people were still studying and trying to cram information in. I sat for the test and was probably to confident and I knew when I left on Saturday I passed. And I just got my results and as I expected I passed. I also passed each area above the Mendoza line except I was shade below on tax planning. But what the conclusion here is you nailed everything to a tee about what to expect and your class but the icing on the cake in preparing me for the exam. I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to pass the exam on the first try, but you still need to do all the reading and practice questions to have a chance. I would gladly be a referral for you if you need it. Thank You,"

Brian Levy

"Jeff, I took your review class in October in Phoenix and just received my November, 2011 CFP® exam results: I passed on my first attempt!! Your retirement & estate planning diagrams were fantastic. Thank you so much for the great job you did preparing me for the exam. After the class I knew a) how much work I needed to put in, b) what my weakest areas were and how to address them, c) what to expect on the exam, and d) have a strategy for taking the exam and work the strategy. (I did do all of the case studies first on all three parts.) I have and will recommend your class(es) to colleagues. I could not imagine taking the exam without your class! Thanks again."

Wayne F. Griffith

"One of my main concerns about taking the CFP® classes in general is going back to a "classroom" setting. I've been out of any classroom atmosphere for well over 10 years and going back to it seemed terrifying. Jeff's teaching style grabs your attention and makes a dry subject very fun to learn. I've tried to take the self study CFP® classes, but some of the concepts weren't sticking with me, Jeff's class changed that. He is able to "anchor" a complex point with a story or anecdote. A big factor that helped me pass my CFP® test is remembering the stories Jeff mentioned in class to describe a subject or strategy. Not only did I get value from the CFP® curriculum, but also the cross discussion Jeff encouraged with the other classmates. It was clear that Jeff wanted us to understand the application of what we were learning vs. just the data, which was key in passing the CFP exam. "

Laith Khalaf
Columbus, OH

"I passed and I give all the credit to you – thank you Jeff. I mean that in all sincerity."

Nicole Webb DeVries
Minneapolis, MN

"I attended Jeff's CFP® exam prep class in October 2011 in Columbus OH; I sat for the CFP® exam in November 2011 and passed. I attribute my success to Jeff's continued emphasis on the level of dedication and diligence it would take to pass; Jeff's prep class motivated me to take my exam preparation to a higher level and to kick into a different gear- Thanks Jeff!"

Paul S Dubendorf
New Jersey

"Hi Jeff, Just letting you know that I received my letter yesterday and that I actually passed. I had my doubts. Thank you for being the hard task master that you were. It made the difference between passing and failing. I enjoyed the classes and I think we had a great group of people. I am just glad I don't have to take your review class again. Thank you,"

Dawn L Harper, CPA
Columbus, OH

"The Fast Track program helps you hit the ground running in your preparation for the CFP® exam. Jeff is very diligent in explaining topics and relating them to real life situations, making it easier to retain the information. He keeps you engaged the entire time, and when it’s time to take the exam you are ready. I would definitely recommend the program for anyone planning on taking the exam. Thanks Jeff.”

Ross Hoewischer
Columbus, OH

"The CFP® fast track course was essential in helping me prepare for the CFP® exam. While the classes and trial tests were intense, Jeff has a great ability to present the subject matter in a clear and entertaining way. I felt that I was well schooled in each of the topics by the end of the six month class. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to take the CFP® examination.

Del Duffy
Columbus, OH
November 2011 Exam

"Jeff Rattiner’s CFP® Review Course is exceptional. I completed my CFP® education requirements a full 2 years before I sat for the exam. Knowing I needed a “brush-up”, I attended Jeff’s Review Course. Jeff not only effectively summarized and solidified everything I had previously learned, but he also cleared all of the clutter and focused me on what was most important. Jeff taught me how to effectively read exam questions, focus on relevant information and data, and efficiently move through the exam. I followed his direction and passed the Board Exam the first time. I highly recommend Jeff’s course."

Ryan Beasley

"Jeff, just wanted to let you know that I passed the CFP® exam! I really appreciate all of the great prep work you did for me in the boot camp course, it definitely prepared me for the exam. There were only 4-5 questions on the entire exam that I was not able to reason through or make a good guess; other than that, I had seen some form of every question they asked. Thanks again for all of your assistance and I will definitely recommend you to everyone that is considering taking the test. Best Regards,"

Tom Bugbee

"Jeff’s class took an enormous amount of information and brought it down into a manageable amount, focusing on what was most important. I passed first try. From my first class with Jeff to finished exam was 7 months. Very efficient."

Eric M. Jensen

"Jeff Rattiner's Fast Track program helped me pass the CFP@ exam. Without his class, I am sure I would have not been able to pass the exam. Jeff makes the class fun and enjoyable while making sure the material is covered. His insight on what you do and do not need to know on the test is invaluable. The class and review gave me confidence that I could pass the exam when I sat to take it. I strong recommend."

Jeff Kirkeby
Phoenix, AZ
November 2011 Exam

"Hey Jeff, I was in your October CFP® prep course in Denver and just found out I passed the Nov exam. Wanted to say thanks and that I thought you did a great job. That thing was awful, glad I never have to take it again. Thanks again,"

Andrew P. Thomas, CPA
Denver, CO

"Jeff, thanks for the class. I passed the exam and think your class was a big help"

Thomas J. Murray, MBA

"Schwab had a huge success rate this year.  I believe we had 16 people from Schwab who took the March Board, 15 passed.  Jeff did a great review class for us and we appreciate it!"

Katherine Garrus, AAMS
Denver, CO
March 2010 Exam

"Just wanted to report that I was successful with the November exam after taking your course...I thought the course was great and am not sure how I could have done this effectively otherwise, given the typical 8-5 type of job hours that I keep.  Stretching the coursework out over a longer period would be detrimental to retaining the volume of material."

Chris Means
Dublin, OH
November 2009 Exam

"I passed the CFP® exam -- received the results today.  Thank you for all of your help.  I wanted to choke Jeff a few times, but it worked!!!  Jeff knows what it takes to get us through.  He pushed me hard and didn't let up and got all of us in shape...I am so grateful for taking your course and for passing the exam."

Marciel Comacho
Los Gatos, CA
November 2009 Exam

Jeff's (review) course was intense and incredibly valuable for me.  The information he delivered was practical and understandable.  He is responsible for me passing on the first try.  This is a 'don't miss' opportunity to prepare yourself for this tough test."

Steve Martin
Ft. Collins, CO
November 2009 Exam

"My career stretches 32 years in the financial services and my registrations are full and all encompassing. With all those courses and all those tests, I was never as prepared as for the CFP® Comprehensive Exam the Mother Of All Exams. You, your staff, and your course had me perfectly prepared. Not one subject, not one case study, not even one question did I feel unprepared to address. MY HATS OFF TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM!! The classroom experience, course materials, and especially your directions and test instructions were of immense help and value. Thanks for everything. I could not have passed without you."

Pete Ray,
Addison, TX

"Jeff has created a superb fast-track for the educational requirements for the CFP® designation. He is an outstanding presenter and has designed a very effective program. Hope that you find a seat available in this program. If you do the work, you won't be disappointed."

Vince Rossi, CFP®, CLU, CIMA, AEP, CAP, CTFA
Scottsdale, AZ

"Jeff Rattiner has figured out what it takes for students to learn the material to pass the CFP® exam and prepare to serve clients well, and he's structured Fast Track™ so a high proportion of students will actually do what it takes. Fast Track™ is definitely a demanding program, but what Jeff said the first day of class is correct - if you put in the time and effort, you'll learn the material and pass - because he knows the subject matter, his teaching style is engaging, his materials are good, and he has built the program to encourage students to work hard. Personally, I wouldn't go through this process any other way."

Marjorie Burnett
Washington, DC

"Gregg and I just want to thank you for the excellent Kier Review Course you instructed at The Ohio State University in the spring. I am happy to inform you that we both passed the March exam and wanted you to know that your course was extremely helpful in guiding our focus. Once again I thank you and wish you the best!"

Mike Ballou, Financial Advisor
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I am currently taking the CFP® Fast Track™ program - it is awesome!! I started in February and I should be done (if all goes well) with my CFP® in November. It is a lot of work but well worth it. And, I HIGHLY recommend that you take this program in Denver with Jeff Rattiner - he is great and really knows his stuff."

Jim Bennett
Bellevue WA

"Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track™® program is thorough, comprehensive and its intensity is unmatched in preparing one to sit for the CFP® exam. Jeff Rattiner's passion and commitment for the program, and also for preparing individuals to sit for the exam, is both inspiring and contagious. He is a motivational and gifted teacher. I owe my passing my CFP® exam on my first attempt to Mr. Rattiner and to the Rattiner Financial Planning Fast Track™® program."

Natalie Nelson, MBA, CDFA, CFP®
Boulder, CO

"I attended your review class in Oakbrook, IL in February and passed the CFP® in March. I wanted to thank you very much for the class and the instructions. They proved to be very, very helpful in preparing me for what what would be the hardest test I've ever taken in my life. I was convinced I had failed when I walked out, but obviously the combination of Keir and your class must have gotten me up the curve far enough to pass."

Tim Clifford
Chicago, IL

"Great job on the Keir CFP® review class. I passed the exam on the first try. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without your class. What I learned most was how unprepared I was to take this test on the first day of your review. It was very motivational. You also clearly explained what a person needs to know to pass. I will admit that I felt like I didn't pass at the end of the test itself but I surely would have failed without the review course."

Jim Ringer
Chicago, IL

"You are THE MAN!!! I passed. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and words of wisdom. I especially appreciate you taking on a "self study transplant' like myself. I hope to hear the rest of the class that adopted me was successful. I am anxious to hear from everyone. You have my highest endorsement for your course and your teaching style in general. I am so grateful that I became aware of the opportunity to get "The Ratt Stuff'. If I can be of help to anyone else out there struggling along please send them my way. Your suggestions made all the difference". It just about killed me" but it is over. Now on with the show. Congrats to all and all the best in the New Year. Thanks again Jeff."

Matt Bragg
Moberly, Missouri

"I found the course, when I took it the first time, EXTREMELY informative and complete in its documentation. Having taken the CFP® test two times (once before the course and once after), the information and knowledge gained through the course was more helpful than any previous course or class. Mr. Rattiner is extremely knowledgeable and knows his stuff. I can and do highly recommend this approach to passing the CFP® test and to build the applicant's knowledge of financial planning."

Paul Ketcham
Denver, CO

"I'm a big believer that the instructor makes the class. Jeff Rattiner's teaching style is the best I've ever experienced. His mix of group work, discipline, real life examples and humor helped me digest and retain the information as well as really look forward to class each month. After dragging myself through self-studying for both the ChFC and CLU -- I had no idea that learning this information could be so much fun. Taking Jeff's class helped me not only pass the exam, but retain the information to help me every day in my job."

Alana Stone, CFP®, ChFC
New York, NY

"I would like to thank Jeff Rattiner for his course for preparing for the CFP®. As a mutual fund wholesaler I did not have the personal experiences to draw on for the course work. However, through Jeff's "real world' approach of explaining real life planning situations I was able to navigate the material as if I had been in personal financial planning since the start of my career. I would recommend that any wholesaler planning to take the CFP® prepare through Jeff Rattiner."

Steven Zito, RFC
Denver CO

"It has been a pleasure being a participant in the fulfillment of your life calling. You have done much more than teach and train, you have inspired and motivated me by your example to dream, reach, and think outside the box."

Samuel F. Slabaugh, Sr.
Delmar, DE

"Group interaction to strengthen concepts & challenge thoughts was GREAT!"

Beth Andrews
Goodlettsville, TN

"I think the class brings together the needed information in a concise, to the point program!"

Gregg Cummings CFP®
St. Paul, MN

"Jeff's ability to relate the class material to his own real world practice is especially helpful to those of us whose careers are in transition. Class is very well organized and the staff is responsive to the details of making it run smoothly!"

L. Owen Kelly
Nashville, TN

"Jeff's the best instructor I've ever had!"

Irene Kramer
Atlanta, GA

"This is the best professional designation program I've ever attended. I really appreciate the combination of hard work studying along with real life examples to use in my practice."

Antoinette Laferriere
Portland, OR

"Great Instructor, made a very complex subject clear!"

Hector May, CLU, CHFC, FSA
New City, NY

"I think the class was super and exceeded my expectations."

Tracy Redmon,
MBA Louisville, KY

"The group homework is a terrific opportunity for learning and more importantly, it does wonders to reinforce the classroom concepts!"

Jackson Rhoades, CFP®
Mountain Home, AR

"Very Good Class! Jeff is a great teacher. I enjoyed learning from him!"

Jennifer Shields
St. Paul, MN

"(Jeff Rattiner's) knowledge & delivery is remarkable."

Mary Wier, CFP®
Birmingham, AL

"The class was simply awesome; I have never had such effective teaching techniques in any class ever. I have already suggested the class to 3 other planners I know to get signed up as soon as they can!"

Peter J. Zaayer
Walnut Creek, CA

"I have been in the Insurance and Financial services business since 1986. I had ordered the books to self study twice in hopes of earning my CLU. My plan was to then get my CFP®. I have the order forms to prove that my first purchase was in 1992. I read about Jeff's program in the Financial Planning magazine. The 6 month time frame, and the fact that I had to pay for the whole class up front is what enticed me. I knew once I started I could not quit. The classes were very well structured, and very powerful. I learned quickly that I had to read every day for about 45 minutes in preparation for the class. The best part of the program was my class. You will spend about 40-45 hours per month with your classmates. That time has proven to be invaluable to me. The bottom line is this. If you have the desire to earn your CFP® designation, and are willing to be disciplined about studying, this program will not let you down."

Brett Nicklaus, CFP®
Dixon, IL

"Rattiner's class was exactly what I needed to learn the material, and feel confident about my test preparation. Thank you."

Cecil Goettsch, CFP®
Des Moines, IA

"Although I am not confident about my results, I have no doubt that there is no better way to learn the material and prepare for the test than Rattiner's FastTrack program. I learned and retained more than I ever did through self-study. Like my buddy Bob (French), I feel more prepared to work in the financial planning field."

Hank Peck, CFP®
Tucson, AZ

"I am so pleased I did this, I cannot tell you how much of what you have taught I've been able to use these past 8 months. Thank you!"

Matt Rapp

"Add my name to the list that passed. I believe the Fast Track™ Process was responsible for my having passed the test, with a lot of effort on my part. Thanks for the help!"

Dana M. Luter, CFP®
Denver, CO

"I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and effort. The class forced upon me the discipline I needed (but dreaded) to pass the exam. The classes were fun and the people were great. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone considering it. Keep these classes going - they help the industry's credibility and quality. Thanks again,"

Mike Cole, CFP®
Lincoln, NE

"I want to thank you again for helping me to accomplish my goal of CFP® certification from start to finish in less than a year. I learned about the Fast Track™ program at the end of 2001. My 2002 New Year's resolution was to get the CFP® within the year. I enrolled in your program and began classes in April of '02, passed the courses necessary to sit for the exam and passed the CFP® exam in Nov. of "02. I could not have done it without your help and the help of your excellent staff. There was not one question on the CFP® test that hadn't been addressed in one form or the other through your class lecture, your written notes, the review or the Keir material. You know what it takes to be successful on the exam and you know how to equip people with the skills to pass the test. You truly helped me become 'certifiable' in 2002 and I appreciate it. Thanks to you and your staff and the instructors."

Chuck Dickson, CFP®
Kenosha, WI

"I recently received my passing CFP® certification results and wanted to thank your (Financial Planning) magazine for publishing the article on Jeff Rattiner's FrastTrack Program in the December 2001 issue. If it were not for that article and my enrolling in his FastTrack program, I would still be muddling through my own attempts at trying to pass the exam. Since Jeff's program is designed to accomplish the CFP® requirements in less than a year, it gave me the motivation to tackle the work with renewed energy. The FastTrack format provided me with focus, discipline, teamwork, and enormous support from Jeff who wanted all of us to be successful. Thank you so much for the article on this program. I appreciate the work of your magazine and hope others seek out the resources and team support that Rattiner's FastTrack program provided for me. It is all that is necessary to pass the CFP® Certificate Exam!"

K.L. Curtis, CFP®
Denver, CO

"Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I couldn't have done it without the Fast Track™ program."

John Kloecker
Atlanta, GA

"I can't thank you enough for the experience of the last 9 months. You are a remarkable teacher, and the blending of theory and practice in your classes was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them ( actually, I fear that was fairly obvious), even when I was in a fog about whatever you were trying to sneak into our heads. I miss the program already, to tell you the truth."

Susan Murphy, CPA
Denver, CO

"I passed! This course, Financial Planning Fast Track™, is the only way to prepare to become a CFP®. I started studying in July 2002 and now in April of 2003 I passed the comprehensive exam. That's 10-months when most take 3-years or more. Not only was it the most efficient use of my time, 6-long weekends, but I also met people in the profession that take this career as seriously as I do. Kudos to all at JR Financial Group, Inc."

Jon Bettis
Carlsbad, CA

"I thought the CFP® certification examination was very difficult, but I passed on my first attempt - primarily because I was well prepared. Maybe some people can know everything about all 89 tested topics. But for those of us who can't, it is essential that you approach the test with the right strategy. I attended Jeff Rattiner's review class and he did a great job of reinforcing key concepts and helping me focus my attention and study time on the critical areas. I enjoyed his sense of humor and I highly recommend his educational offerings." Thanks again! John Engler "Listen! If you do exactly what Jeff tells you then you will pass the exam and be a CFP®, it's that simple!"

Mark L. Ragusa
Woodlands, TX

"I am pleased to report that I passed the CFP® exam. Thanks so much for all of your help. Obviously, we couldn't have done it without your course."

Jeff Waters
Short Hills, NJ

"Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track™ Program was a perfect fit for my busy schedule. Jeff Rattiner did an awesome job summarizing the material and coaching the class through the management of the test. Specifically, Jeff takes the vast amount of complex material and breaks it down so you can process the material effectively during the test. Before starting the Fast Track™ Program I wasted my time, energy and money on an online program. With Jeff's approach, I remained focused, disciplined and used my valuable time efficiently. I also learned from other members in the class and developed several rewarding life friendships."

Mark Phalen
Leawood, KS

"Thank you so much for keeping my preparation for the CFP® entertaining and fun, and for being the hard ass needed to motivate! I had a great time taking your class, and really appreciated your comments at the end of our review about our class being one of your all time favorites. I wish everyone would have sat for it and passed, but I don't think the fact that neither occurred is a reflection on you at all. You gave us all the tools we needed to get the job done, the rest is up to us."

California rules!!

Chris Ballard

"I passed the July CFP® exam, and I am so grateful for all of your help!"

Mark Nicholson

"I can't thank you enough Jeff!!! I passed the CFP® exam! I appreciate your help in getting me through this. I have other friends that also took it for the 3rd time in July, but went with another review course and unfortunately they are not as excited as I am right now! Thank you so much! You got me thru! Your big picture view was exactly what I needed to tie all my loose ends together. I couldn't be happier right now. The amazing thing is...the stuff you taught me, I am still applying in my every conversations with clients too. You really made things easy to understand and easy to memorize. I appreciate your help!!!!"

Katrina Lessard

I just took and passed the CFP exam today. What a relief! I kept hearing your voice, do it right and do it once. Thanks for all of your help, encouragement, and an occasional kick in the pants.

Rodney B. Hare

Thanks for everything! Will definitely be sending more people your way.

Scott Marek | Financial Planner

I passed, Jeff!! Thank you for all of your help! Could not have done it without your guidance! :)

LaDeanna R. Damron, RICP

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I passed the exam last week. It was about what I anticipated in terms of the difficulty. For the most part, the exam was pretty similar to the Keir questions, some questions easier, some more difficult, but I do not recall being caught off guard by any of the questions.

Thanks for all your help/guidance over the last year, you definitely prepared us for what to expect on gameday.

Let us know next time you're in Cincinnati.

Matthew J. Pitzer

Just passed the CFP!!! Thank you for all your help!

Jeremy Merlino

I passed last Friday! Thank for all you did/do in getting us prepared!

Karen J. Vanstrom

Just wanted to send on the good news :) I passed! Thanks for all your help!

Michelle C. Stevens

I took the test yesterday and passed (preliminary result, anyway). Feels good to be done.

Your class helped a lot! Thanks!

Bill Childs

I passed the exam on March 20th. Thank you so much for your review—I wouldn’t have passed without it. Be well, and GO RED SOX!

Matthew Beauregard | CFP® | AAMS® 

I thought Jeff’s practice exams and class assignments were the best practice questions by a mile.

Chloe M. Hansen

Thanks Jeff, much appreciated....and a huge relief. Will be wonderful to have CFP behind my name in an industry that increasingly is demanding it. Your program was a huge help and I look forward to joining your CE classes in the future. All the best, Pete

Peter J. Pittman
Wells Fargo Advisors