• Form 1040 and Supporting Schedules Preparation 

  • Year-End Tax Planning 

  • Retirement Planning 

  • Education and College Planning

We can assist our clients in meeting their life goals by identifying financial exposures and then assisting with the proper management of their financial resources. This can be accomplished only after appropriate quantitative and qualitative data have been gathered and evaluated. Related financial issues are then identified and clients may be directed to other appropriate professionals for resolution, implementation, continuous monitoring, and as necessary modification are an integral part of the process.

The JR Financial Group, Inc. can help you achieve your goal of financial independence by providing you with a comprehensive look at your overall financial situation. An analysis of your cash flow, net worth, insurance needs, education needs, investment opportunities, income tax pitfalls, retirement needs, potential estate planning blunders, and other areas are performed for you in either an integrated (comprehensive) or modular (singular) manner.

Income Tax Preparation and Financial Planning Services to Individuals

Once the appropriate data is received by you, an assessment of your financial situation as to where you are now and where you need to be will be made. Based on that assessment, appropriate recommendations will be made. The JR Financial Group, Inc. can also help you implement the various recommendations made and can monitor your progress on an ongoing basis.

The bottom line is that you leave our office with a definitive roadmap which serves as your working document towards achieving financial independence.

Key Benefits

  • Quality service at affordable prices
  • Year-end tax planning

You can start by downloading our Tax Organizer from our Tax Services page.

Professional financial planning services for individuals and business owners.

Financial Planning


Income Tax Preparation
The firm looks to legitimately minimize your income taxes and provide a tax planning service for all its clients

Financial Planning
The firm follows the financial planning process tested by the CFP Board of Standards. It provides you with a roadmap and directs a path to take you where you need to go from where you are currently.

  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Various Other Topics