September 18, 2018         Planning for Divorce

October 18, 2018              Understanding and Implementing Insurance Strategies

November 18, 2018          Using Form 1040 to Identify Financial Planning Needs and Opportunities

December 18, 2018          Planning for Closely Held Business Owners

January 18, 2018               Life Cycle Financial Planning: Exposures and Strategies

February 18, 2018            Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

March 18, 2018                 Retirement Planning Strategies and Opportunities

April 18, 2018                    Estate Planning Strategies and Opportunities

May 18, 2019                     Starting and Managing a Personal Financial Planning Practice

June 18, 2019                    Planning for High Income Earner Clients

July 18, 2019                      Working through the Personal Financial Planning Process

August 18, 2019                Update on Insurance, Investments, Income Tax, Retirement, and Estate Planning

All Webinars will be held from 4pm-5pm ET (1pm-2pm PT)

Post CFP   Education - "Rattiner On"...

"Rattiner On®..." Webinar Topics


As a graduate of the Fast Track program you've enjoyed Jeff's innovative and direct instruction on how to pass the CFP® Certification Examination. You've learned from the leader and experience the mastery enjoyed by thousands of Fast Track students nationwide on a daily basis working with clients and prospects.

So why stop here? It's one thing to pass the CFP® Certification exam and earn the marks. It's another to take the knowledge you attained working with Jeff and expand upon it to an even higher level. Based on popular demand from Rattiner Fast Track students, CFP® Certificants, CPAs who regularly attend Rattiner CPE programs, and other industry professionals who have asked Jeff for one on one coaching and ongoing training, we are pleased to announce a new monthly coaching and development series called Rattiner On®. 

By attending the "Rattiner On®..."monthly webinar series, you will

  • Learn and Discuss trends in the financial industry
  • Uncover ingredients necessary for seeing the big picture and "thinking outside of the box."
  • Obtain specialized industry niche training
  • Discover the latest applications and techniques working with your clients as a Fiduciary
  • Network with your peers at the highest level on advanced topics
  • Increase your ability to earn more in the process!

The Rattiner On® series is for financial professionals interested in improving their capabilities to work with clients at the highest level and set themselves apart from the rest.

So how are you going to keep up to date and provide the planning strategies your clients have come to expect from you? Continue the learning and conversing with Jeff. Enjoy the intensity, the challenge, and the high level focused discussions you have come to expect from Jeff. Tuition for this groundbreaking educational forum, Rattiner On®, is offered at only $69 per webinar ($699 for the series of 12), a substantial discount from the $5,650 seven-class Fast Track tuition.

You already have been through or have heard of the drill from practitioners nationwide! So Sign Up Now! Capacity is limited!

Click on the registration link.